Private Dog Training Lessons 

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have done the very best for your dog. There are always things we are not happy with, it could be dog aggression, barking at the front door or jumping up on the sofa. Whatever it is I am here to help.

In order to get the best out of any dog we try to get to the source of the issue so that we can work on changing the outcome. I will not train your dog, I will help you train your dog so that owner and pet can create more of a bond therefore increasing the training success and giving you confidence in dog handling.

Private lessons allow us to focus on your specific training needs.  All lessons are held either at our training ground in Abberton or in and around your home.  

We will only ever use fully force free training techniques ensuring your dog feels comfortable, confident and loved. We will not use any form of force or dominance training.  Controlling a situation is a must but getting to the source of the problem and ensuring that a situation does not arise is key to the success we have with force free training.

Our training sessions can include walking nicely on a lead, teaching your dog to drop things, working on recall, teaching stationing behaviours to help with vet visits, puppy training, introducing a rescue to a new home.

Our private lessons last for 1 hour and are at a cost of £45 each

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Fiona Fowler is licensed by Colchester Borough Council to home board dogs under licence number 88008 due for renewal 31st December 2021

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