A Little Bit About Mersea Mutts

Our family home always consisted of at least one working dog, so when my husband suggested we get our own dog I was not only excited but unsure too. All my life dogs have lived outside, which I wasn't keen on so the only option was an indoor dog. I put clear rules in place.

1. Absolutely not allowed on the furniture

2. Not allowed upstairs

3. They are worked

4. They are here to help protect the house

Instead we now have 3 dogs who cuddle up on the sofa with us (this was within the first couple of days). Dogs who come upstairs and cuddle on the bed when we want.  Dogs who do not work and are purely pets - I say that but we have recently been training them as working dogs so no doubt we shall hit the field shortly!  Dogs who might bark at the door but want nothing more than a hug with whoever walks in.

As far as my list goes I have failed, as far as having truly happy puppies and now as dogs go I have done exceedingly well.

Fiona became a member of the IMDT (membership no 1582) in 2016 she attends seminars and training constantly to keep up with her CPD, most recently completing the Fear Free Certification which gives me the skill to work with pets who are fearful or uncomfortable in the vets.  By keeping up to date with the latest research into canine behaviour I am able to ensure that we continue to work with modern training methods in the best interest of our dogs.


Mersea Mutts is fully insured for dog training and boarding, also licensed through Colchester Borough Council for boarding.

Up to date training, conferences and qualifications:

Fiona Fowler IMDT:-

WOOF 2021 - The Animal Behaviour & Training Conference  - Due to attend Feb 2021

Centre of Excellence - Canine Behaviour Training Diploma                              Present

ISCP - Diploma in Canine Behaviour                                                             Present

SOCS - Scent for Six - WSDA                                                                      Present

IMDT - Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation                                                  Dec 2019

IMDT - Canine Body Language                                                                   Nov 2019

IMDTB - Canine Behaviour Case Studies                                                      Oct 2019

SOCS - 30 Days of Canine Science                                                             Sep 2019

IMDTB - Seperation Anxiety                                                                       Sep 2019

Fear Free Certification                                                                               Jul    2019

DTC     -  Canine Body Language                                                                Jun   2019

WOOF 2019  -  The Animal Behaviour & Training Conference                         Feb   2019

IMDTB  -  Resource Guarding                                                                     Nov   2017

IMDT   -  6 Day Advanced Training & Behaviour                                           Aug  2017

IMDTB  -  Impulse Control                                                                         Jul   2017

IMDT   -  Funk up your classes                                                                   Mar  2017

IMDT   -  Assessment                                                                                Jul    2016

IMDT   -  4 Day Practical Training                                                               Mar   2016

IMDT   -  2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer                                                     Jan   2016

Meet The Team

Fiona Fowler IMDT

Dog Trainer & Owner

Flo, Millie & Saff

The Socialisation Team

Mark Fowler

Boarding Co-coordinator & Owner

FF Corporate Logo - Medium.png

07834 227 333 or 07454 972 026

30 Yorick Rd, West Mersea, Colchester CO5 8HT, UK

Fiona Fowler is licensed by Colchester Borough Council to home board dogs under licence number 88008 due for renewal 31st December 2021

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