When it comes to behaviour issues we are able to offer help in the following areas:

Resource Guarding - This is when your dog feels the need to react if you go near it when it has a toy, a found item, food or even at times people.  They demonstrate possessive tenancies towards these things which can very quickly turn into unwanted behaviour. 

Separation Distress - This is when your dog is unable to be left without showing signs of anxiety of stress which can manifest in a number of different ways including intense salivation, barking, howling, destructive behaviour. 

Dog to Dog Aggression - If your dog shows signs of dog to dog aggression you will usually see visual and vocal signals such as lunging & barking, snapping and even biting. 

Behavioural consultations are at a cost of £150 which includes a pre-visit phone call, communication with your vet, a main consultation (usually lasts between 1 - 2 hours) a report sent to yourself, 3 months email/telephone support and a follow up consultation (usually about an hour)



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Fiona Fowler is licensed by Colchester Borough Council to home board dogs under licence number 88008 due for renewal 31st December 2021

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