Dog Training Classes:

At what age can we start attending class?

- As soon as your puppy is allowed out on walks you can start attending class.  We suggest the sooner the better. 

What do I need to bring to class?

- Treats, Toys, Poo Bags, Water for your dog, Fun Love and Cuddles (for your dog not me!)

Where are the classes held?

- They are held in 2 locations, a field off the Mersea Road in Abberton, Colchester.  And at Waldegraves Holiday Park, West Mersea.  Exact locations will be emailed across on booking.

How long does the class last

- 45 Minutes

What will we learn in class?

- Our class specifics can be found on our Dog Training Classes page.

 As classes are outside what happens when it rains?

- Come rain or shine we run our classes, the only time we cancel classes is when rain is torrential and we have a river flowing through our training ground or in extremely high winds due to the amount of trees surrounding the training ground.

What is the best age to start training?

- We can train at any age!  From the day they are able to take their first walk after their injections all the way through to old age.  We run beginners classes instead of puppy classes for exactly this reason and feel it important to have a mix of ages in our classes.

Dog Training 1-2-1's

Where will my 1-2-1 be held?

- Depending on the training required will depend on location.  Some training 1-2-1's are likely to start at your home where as others will be held at our training ground in Abberton.  We will have a telephone conversation prior to booking to ensure that our training fits your needs.

Will you be able to help me?

- If I am unable to help I have a network of people who I can refer you to.  Every dog is an individual, I am a dog trainer not a behaviourist yet so if it is a serious behavioural problem I can refer your case.  With regards to behaviour issues please ensure that anyone you use is registered as a behaviourist on 

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07834 227 333 or 07454 972 026

30 Yorick Rd, West Mersea, Colchester CO5 8HT, UK

Fiona Fowler is licensed by Colchester Borough Council to home board dogs under licence number 88008 due for renewal 31st December 2021

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