Dog Boarding and Training in Colchester - Embarking on Our Weekly Diary

There is no doubt about it – the bond between dogs and humans is something very special. For many owners, their beloved canine is more than just a pet – before very long, they are considered a valued member of the family. It is all about love. A mutual, unconditional love.

And we get that. That is why when we commit to caring for your dog, either by way of puppy training, 1-2-1 training, classes or our boarding services, we ensure they are as comfortable as possible at all times.

At Mersea Mutts, we wholeheartedly believe in methods that are completely force-free, using up-to-date training techniques, with positive reinforcement only.

Just like us, dogs will learn more if they are settled and calm. They will feel more at ease if they are in a gentle and relaxed environment and so naturally this ethos extends to our boarding and doggy day care services.

The RSPCA – well-respected charitable organisation for animals – gives tips on choosing the right trainer and says: “look for reward-based training methods with food, play or toys. Don't join the class if training techniques rely on fear, pain, choke chains, shouting, or hitting.”

So, whether you are looking for dog training in Colchester, anywhere else in the UK or indeed, the world, it is well-worth checking this advice as it gives some really useful tips.

When it comes to dog boarding and doggy day care, recommendations are very reassuring. If you are not able to glean information from those you know, visit the premises of the places you are considering and go with your gut instinct. If dogs appear to be unhappy in any way, then it might be wise to reconsider.

Over the coming weeks, we are set to embark (yes – sorry about that!) on keeping a regular diary of events on the comings and goings at Mersea Mutts.

We will look at what goes on behind the scenes – the wonderful chaos caused by our welcome guests and the things that make us smile. Because that’s why we do what we do. No one week is the same: each different character – we will change names, unless given prior consent by their owners – brings new mischief, new fun and of course sometimes new challenges. Every single one of them makes Mersea Mutts the warm and extraordinary place it is today.

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