Behind the scenes at Mersea Mutts, Dog Boarding and Training, Colchester Week 2

They say some like it hot. This week, the sun has come out and we’ve had some newcomers to our dog boarding home-from-home site, here in Colchester. As their parents have jetted off on their holidays, they know that they are in safe hands with us.

Much of our work comes by way of recommendation, which is reassuring for new customers.

Our new friends have been having so much fun. Millie has been keeping an eye on everyone, making sure they are alright.

Usually, when we do our 15-mile walk around the island, she would happily go straight back out again. However, this week the heat has slowed her down somewhat and even she wouldn’t have managed a double-trip.

I have been looking through old photos over the past few days and I came across one of Millie when she was younger, helping us to get ready for a barbeque. I’ll be sure to post one of Flo next, as I like to be fair and I wouldn’t want to put her nose out of joint.

I think you can see in this picture just how good-natured Millie is. Which brings me on to something that I am noticing more and more – dog on dog aggression.

At Mersea Mutts, we have happy dogs. Only happy dogs. We make it our priority to ensure that each and every one of our four-legged holiday-makers, staying at our dog boarding home in Colchester, is content and having fun.

In our dog training centre, there has definitely been an increase in customers requiring help with dog-on-dog aggression.

Thankfully, in our environment, there is a mutual respect between us and the dogs we train. Because they are comfortable, they can learn. They get to know the ground rules here – what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. And learn they do. Some of our proudest work is with those beautiful dogs who feel anxious around fellow canines. There is nothing so rewarding as seeing a once terrified puppy turn into a mettlesome ‘Mersea Mutt’.

In case you’re wondering where the link between anxious and mettlesome comes in, it is often when they are uncomfortable or nervous – when they feel threatened – that their behaviour becomes aggressive.

They generally mirror our behaviour. When we are calm, they are calm. When we are excitable, they are excitable.

At Mersea Mutts, we ensure both our little guests and the dogs we train, know and understand our expectations.

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