Behind the scenes at Mersea Mutts

Dog Boarding and Training, Colchester

Week 4 (Part two)

At Mersea Mutts – Dog Boarding and Training Centre, Colchester – we love fun! There is always something going on.

We have just had a lovely Golden Retriever stay with us. He managed to get hold of my glasses and was really keen on eating them. Thankfully, I used one of our many doggy toys to entice him so that I could save my specs. As they say, ‘all was well that ended well’. He was happy with his toy and my glasses were intact.

It may seem strange to some, but this is exactly why I love what I do. Every day is different. I get to meet many, many dogs – different breeds and all with different personalities. Each and every one of them brings their own unique character, making Mersea Mutts the happy environment it is.

Our own two dogs – Millie and Flo – are not only beautiful characters in their own right, they are also invaluable members of the Mersea Mutts’ team. Millie is our 3-year-old half Lab, half Vizsla. She is a mummy’s girl and thinks she is there to keep all other dogs in line. She has been known to stand between owners and their own dogs before now, until she is sure that the dog is a good dog.

Millie loves children and will do anything so that she can go play with them. Fetch is her favourite game. She will often find something on the beach for me to throw and if I don’t, she will always find someone who is willing to. Yes, Millie certainly has many of her own personality traits – protector, sometimes a little grumpy, a real lap dog, fun-loving and very energetic. We can walk for 15 miles around the island and when we get home, she would happily go out again.

Flo is our Chocolate Lab. She is a bit of a comedienne. She regularly gets stuck; we used to have a stair gate at the foot of the stairs. Once, when we went out, she decided to try and jump through the banister. Failing miserably, we got back to find half her body on the stairs with her back legs just dangling down the side. Her face was a picture, with a look of: “not sure how this happened.” She habitually sticks her head through the cat flap. And yes, she has got stuck there too!

A real cuddle monster, Flo likes nothing more than to play with other dogs. She shares her toys and her bed and just wants to be everyone’s friend.

There aren’t only dogs here at our dog boarding and training site in Colchester. I do love my animals and I have goats, two cats and a parrot too – who is quite the comedian herself.

Always careful to ensure the comfort of each of our furry canine guests, we ensure there are separate areas for those who aren’t so comfortable in the presence of other animals. That said, it is very rarely an issue. Millie and Flo are wonderful at helping new guests feel at ease.

Often welcoming them with me in the early hours of the morning, they – like me – may have an early night to catch up on some sleep.

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