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Week 3

With the weather showing no signs of letting up and the heat very much still on, it was time to get out of the kitchen – or training room – for our canine trainees this week.

I am always careful to ensure the ground they walk on is safe and not too hot for their paws – and other areas of their anatomy for when they are in the ‘lie’ or ‘sit’ position, for that matter. And I particularly keep an eye out for those pooches with longer coats in this weather too.

Once in the open and settled, training commenced as usual and went really well, just as we would expect it to, here at our extraordinarily devoted dog training site, Colchester.

Training, whilst full of fun, needs to be carried out effectively; some customers bring their dogs to Mersea Mutts while still a puppy to train them early and teach them good habits. Other customers have one or more specific issues that need to be addressed. For all customers, it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience to share with your beloved pet; there is also a fundamental need for your instructions to be understood and obeyed for you both to be able to bond properly and have that closeness that only ‘man and his best friend’ are so notorious for.

In both the dog training and dog boarding sides of Mersea Mutts, Colchester, one thing we are continuously aware of is making sure we never set any dog up to fail. Oh, the irony! My very own team member and co-best friend, Flo left me with my tail between my legs this morning.

I had a stunning baby staffie visit first thing – I always invite potential canine guests and their owners to take a look around here and get a feel for us and our home before committing to using our dog boarding service. Whilst I was in my office, printing off some forms, I left the clients with the staffie and my own well-behaved Flo in the kitchen. I had left a dog treat in the middle of the kitchen table and got back to find that my potential customers had just witnessed her jump up on the table and grab the treat. I’d like to be able to blame her but it is my fault for leaving it there.

Onwards and upwards, I say – just not on to the table in future.

Anyone who knows the Mersea Mutts team will know that for us, it is all about dogs. Whether it’s news stories, new pooch products on the market or funnies – we particularly like funnies – then it interests us. We welcome comments, photos or updates on dogs, young and old, that we have trained and like to keep in touch with the friends that we make – both of the two-legged and four-legged variety. And did I mention funnies?

TV Presenter, Kate Humble’s Radio Times article caught our eye this week. She talks about her “crazy passion for training sheepdogs.”

Revealing the trials of training her now 3-year-old Welsh dog Teg, Kate says: “Working with a dog takes a lot more than simply being able to whistle.” She says that Teg has turned into a very good working dog and explains how she “began to understand the magic of having a working partnership with a dog, although I still have very much more to learn.”

We think it sounds as though she is doing a great job.

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