Behind the scenes at Mersea Mutts

Dog Boarding and Training, Colchester Weeks 5 and 6

Woah! Things are busier than ever here at Mersea Mutts, Dog Boarding and Training Centre, Colchester; hence the discovery that weekly blogs may not always be possible, as much as we love sharing the fun, frolics and goings on here. Depending on the current needs of our beautiful house guests or necessary one-to-one training sessions, we will be keeping you updated as regularly as we possibly can.

Dog training classes that are outside the box

These last few weeks have seen our latest batch of training classes and dozens of understanding, happier dogs and owners.

As with all aspects of Mersea Mutts, our customers – canine and human – are very much in mind when making preparations for classes. Held outside, the experience is completely different to indoor classes. There are ready-made distractions outdoors which means training is organically advanced.

Always happy to focus on any specific needs you may have, we enjoy getting our teeth into what are, sometimes, rather challenging issues. This week a Labrala (half Lab, half Vizsla), just like our Millie, kept us busy. She finds it difficult to relax following her early morning trip to the garden for that all-important first loo break of the day. This means that her owners have been getting up at 4.30 every morning which is not helpful due to their work commitments.

After having had a chat, it transpired that every time the puppy started crying, one of her owners would pop downstairs and stay with her; by doing so, the pup’s crying was reinforced and was worsening.

The plan I put forward was to utilise the moments when the pup stops whining to go downstairs so that she learns she gets attention when she is quiet. I also suggested that when they go back upstairs after the early morning trip to the garden, they give her a frozen carrot or a frozen kong filled with something yummy like peanut butter so that them going back to bed is associated with something good.

I am looking forward to evaluating their progress with them.

All of our puppy and dog training classes are held in a field in Abberton, Colchester, Essex.

Each dog is an individual and is treated as such. So before turning up to classes, we ask you to think about the things your dog loves doing; this will help with your training.

More information can be found on our puppy and dog training page.

“Puppy with a purpose”

In other news, the Mersea Mutts’ team went gaga for the new addition to the ITV's This Morning family – their “loveable Labradoodle” who is looking for a name. A trainee Guide Dog, she is their “puppy with a purpose.”

Our very own chocolate Lab, Flo and Labrala, Millie are little more than pups themselves and they both certainly have a purpose – they each play their own fundamental role in the goings on at Mersea Mutts.

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