Behind the scenes at Mersea Mutts, Dog Boarding and Training, Colchester

Weeks 7 and 8

On board with our new website?

At Mersea Mutts, it’s not only our furry friends that develop and grow. There have been various developments here at Mersea Mutts, dog boarding and training centre, Colchester.

So, what do you think? The new website is designed to give any customer or potential customer a feel for what we do, we have focused on our core areas of dog boarding, 1-2-1 training and dog and puppy classes.

We are so much more than just a centre that looks after dogs. When we talk about customer care, we really mean it. We do care. We care about our four-legged friends and we care about their owners. Whether it is our dog boarding or training services that you are using, we want to be sure that you are completely comfortable with all that we do – and ultimately that you are both happy.

We really hope this comes across on our site. Any feedback is welcome.

Training for results

As proprietor of Mersea Mutts, I have been continuing with my BSL course with a view to teaching the hearing impaired how to train their dogs. I’ll keep you posted on this.

And our successful training walks have been proving really helpful for some of the dogs we have been working with recently. So, all in all, we’re moving at an incredible pace at the moment.

Are dogs wise to bad advice?

I was interested to read the Daily Mail’s article on dogs ignoring bad advice. Naturally, I find anything related to dog training interesting and the findings of this most recent research did not escape my attention.

The article reports on the findings of research carried out by the Canine Cognition Center at Yale. Researchers were surprised to discover that dogs ‘will leave out unnecessary actions when they learn there is a more efficient way to solve the task at hand.’

“Dogs are surprisingly human-like in their ability to learn from social cues, such as pointing, so we were surprised to find that dogs ignored the human demonstrator and learned how to solve the puzzle on their own,” Angie Johnston, Yale Ph.D. student and the study’s lead author said.

The study was undertaken by way of a puzzle box containing a treat being given to 40 dogs of varying breeds.

A plastic dog toy shaped like a stick was attached to the side of the box and although it wasn’t ‘functionally relevant for solving the puzzle, the human moved it around’ as though it was.

It took just a few sessions with the puzzle for each dog to work out that the lever didn’t need to be used to open the box. They simply opened the lid to get their treat.

So, it would seem that dogs really are wise to bad advice. Thankfully, here at Mersea Mutts, there is only good advice, so whilst it’s not relevant, it is fascinating!

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