Gun Dog Training Classes

With our first batch of gun dog training classes coming to an end and our next 6 week course starting 27th August I thought now was a great time to tell you a bit about our classes.

All training is done in a manner that means both you and your dog are enjoying the training. We work out what rewards them the most be that toys, food or fuss and work with this to really get your dog trained and enjoying what they do. We do not allow any form of electric shock collar, spray collar, prong collar etc. Slip leads are not used in class until your dog walks to heel as we do not wish to damage their necks or cause them any discomfort.

Ensuring a dog is stable when out on the field is essential so we work on the following within our 6 week course:

- Retrieve - Sit, to be quick whilst proofing the sit command with any distraction and at distance. - Sit/Stay - 2 mins with owner 20 yards away - Heel Work including changing direction and Loose Lead Walking - for 20 yards - Recall including recall to whistle - Stop command to whistle - A whistle sit

Within this we will also work on some impulse control exercises and focus work ensuring your dog acts in an appropriate manner whilst working.

This class is great for beginners of both dogs who will be worked and pet dogs from working breed backgrounds. All classes are held outside in Abberton, Colchester where we have fields, marsh land and woods to work in so that we can really build up the skills required out on the field.

It you would like to book in to our next block of courses you can do so here:

All classes are held outside in Abberton where we have fields, marsh land and woods to work in so that we can really build up the skills required to work.

Can't wait to meet our next class!

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