Classes for Reactive Dogs

Do you have a reactive dog? Are you walking your dog early mornings or late at night? Do you feel like you are fighting a daily battle with the world to give your dog a 'normal' life? Are these classes for you?

Our reactive dog classes are up and running, proving to be a huge success.

On a Monday evening, we run classes for reactive dogs. These allow you to learn all the skills taught in our normal beginners' class in a safe environment allowing you and your dog to relax and enjoy the class.

On a Saturday morning, our 6-week class teaches you how to deal with your reactive dog. Giving you the skills to help your dog deal with the things that worry them when out on a walk or in the home. We focus on calming behaviours as well as changing the way your dog feels in certain situations.

All our methods are force-free and use up to date science-based training methods allowing you to build a strong trusting bond with your dog.

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