We have a dedicated training field in Abberton near Colchester in Essex.  Working outside in a field allows for a different experience compared to indoor classes, with this in mind a lot of our training works well with distractions already in place so you are able to advance the training more effectively.  The key to our training is that it is all fully force free, allowing the dogs to work things out for themselves to achieve the right result.  This in turn means that the dog is truly learning the behaviour.

All our classes are for both puppies and mature dogs alike, each dog and owner will have their own challenges depending on how your pup is progressing so we ensure that we have no more than 8 dogs in a class at any one time thus allowing for individual help with the training so that you can progress at your own pace.

We are looking to ensure that confidence is increased week on week.  In order to establish excellent training there is a need to realise that it will not be instant, and that dog training will need to be continued between classes, with this in mind we make the training classes as fun as possible and hope you continue to inject fun into training outside of class.


Each class will last for 45 minutes and will have no more than 8 dogs in a class.

Where , When  & How Much Are Our Classes?

As mentioned above our training classes are held in Abberton along the Mersea Road between Mersea & Colchester.

Our class times and prices are as follows:

Beginners Pet Dog Classes - £10 per Class, we recommend a minimum of 8 classes are attended. 

Wednesday       7.30pm 

Saturday          11am, 12pm

Intermediate Classes - £10 per Class, we recommend a minimum of 8 classes

Thursdays          6.30pm 

Saturdays          10am

What Will You learn?

Beginners Pet Dog Class - IMDT Partnership Grade One:

- LOOSE LEAD WALKING - Walking nicely on lead
- VET INSPECTIONS - Allowing your dog to be handled by other people comfortably
- RECALL - From play

- SIT - Whilst walking away
- DOWN - Whilst walking away
- TRICKS - Rollover, Spin, Moonwalk, Bow
- CONE SEARCH - Scent work to get your dog using his/her nose


Intermediate Class - IMDT Partnership Grade Two:

- CLEAR JUMP - Appropriate height for dog
- RECALL - Including emergency stop
- SIT - 1 Minute whilst at a distance
- DOWN - 2 Minutes whilst at a distance
- TRICK - 3 tricks in a row
- CONE SEARCH - At distance

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07834 227 333 or 07454 972 026

30 Yorick Rd, West Mersea, Colchester CO5 8HT, UK

Fiona Fowler is licensed by Colchester Borough Council to home board dogs under licence number 88008 due for renewal 31st December 2021

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