Scentwork Classes:


Our scentwork course lasts for 6 weeks during which we will teach you how to train:

Scent imprinting for passive and active odours

A speedy reliable retrieve

A strong freeze behaviour for passive indication

Independence, confidence and persistence in searching

Accuracy of the indication

Precision in indication

Ignoring distraction items


We will also cover:​

Contamination and best practice for training

Residual odour and its implications

The importance of blind searches

Generalisation of skills


You will receive a starter scent kit to get you started and ongoing support throughout the course.

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07834 227 333 or 07454 972 026

30 Yorick Rd, West Mersea, Colchester CO5 8HT, UK

Fiona Fowler is licensed by Colchester Borough Council to home board dogs under licence number 88008 due for renewal 31st December 2021

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